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13 Days of Surviving is a story written by ArakinTheWarden. The story is inspired The Walking Dead Franchise mixed with other elements such as games, films and books. It follow the story of John Lee, who has to learn and survive in a dangerous new world. 


The story is about John Lee. He is a simple everyday man who woke up to a seemingly normal day only to find a world that has changed. People are dying and the city is in chaos. It doesn't end there, the corpses are rising from death to haunt the living, adding more corpses and more undead to the ever rising number. John joins force with a small group of survivors as they struggle to survive chaos, zombies and the painful cuts of emotions. 


The story begins in July 31, 2010. 


Volume 1

Issue 1 - Prologue  (23-07-2014)

Issue 2 - Zombies   (24-07-2014)

Issue 3 - Group  (25-07-2014)

Issue 4 - Blood  (26-07-2014)

Issue 5 - The Gun  (27-07-2014)

Issue 6 - Vehicle (05-08-2014)

Volume 2

Issue 7 - Motivation (05-08-2014)

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