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• 8/16/2018


Does anyone still go on the discussions on here?
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• 8/21/2016

[Forum Game] Assorted Hurt and Heal

you get 5 points per day (of each variety), max points that can stack up are 20 for each. Start

Will Smith
Ryan Higa
TGI Fridays
Archie Lacanilao
Johnny Sins
Dillion Harper
Vince Offer (ShamWow Guy)
Mac n' Cheese
PPG Reboot
Robert Kirkman
Liza Cabrera
Jared Darnell
James Franco
Joseph Kony
Arm pits
Kristina Essie
Abigail Jordan
Malcolm Howard
Cece and Marcus
Hayley Atwell
George Clooney
Bath salts
Barack Obama
Ben Dover
Donald Trump
Adrien Davie
Made In Heights
John Oddo
Chris Pratt
Pokémon Go!
Zain Patel
Kim Kardashian
Westboro Baptist Church
Blue Waffle
As gamemaker I cannot participate, only foresee
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• 3/17/2016

I needed to share this with the world.

04:26 The best chase scene ever
I just...this was a LEGIT FILM....IN 2010
If yall have anymore hilariously bad movie scenes that r amazing plz post them
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• 12/18/2015
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• 12/18/2015
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• 11/20/2015

[Forum Fornication] Match The Trope To The Character

This game is simple and caters to us who love tropes like sjws love being butthurt.
We start out with a character and those familiar with the character have to try their best to match the character to the trope.

Character -----> Trope

Valdez -----> Really Gets Around

after the player matches the character with a trope, they then must leave a new character for the next person to match, and that will leave another one and so on.
Let me start us off with our first character: Anthony
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• 11/8/2015


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• 9/13/2015

News for users who have auditioned characters for Dead Marked!!!!

YOU HAVE NO NEED TO WORRY! Auditioned characters shall still appear in one of my stories! (As long as you still want them too of coarse. If you do not wish for them to be anymore then feel free to mention. <3)
However there will of coarse have to be some changes to them, only minor changes though and for the most part they will remain the same. These minor changes that need to be made are mainly only to do with anything written about them at the time of the apocalypse. You'll see why if you read the story (pretty much zombies won't really appear until near the half way point of part one, the "dead marked" cities no longer appear and country is fighting a war at the time is the general new storyline.)
Now i've been thinking this over and trying to decide on when in the story and of coarse how the auditioned characters can appear. In terms of when in the story I have come to the conclusion that they probably wont fit in part one and maybe can come in at second half of part two. Part three will be the latest they appear but i'm sure they will appear before that.
However i'm still rather undecided on how they will appear, mainly due to the fact that despite having a general idea of what I want to do in the story...I haven't got much of a clue for the details. Just the big plot idea. Although I have come up with an idea!
For anyone out of the users that have auditioned a character, or wish too later on, that are going to be reading my story either from the start or before the beginning of part two, I thought then they could get ideas of how the character will be introduced on there own by reading it. If that makes sense? xD
I mean sure I can give you the most details I have and stuff like that but not only would that spoil the story if you want to read it later but the details of the story might change (and I dont want you to have to rewrite your character slightly like seven times just because of me changing things) so I thought it would be best if that reading it yourself will help you find a place for them. :3
Of coarse if you either don't plan to read the story (which I am 100% fine with. I don't honestly really write on here for people to read and I won't be upset if you dont. <3) or you dont think you will be reading it until i've reached like part three/four then this idea doesn't work out much for you. xDDD
If this is the case then please just let me know and then we can work something out, either you just leaving how they appear up to me or us working together to do it in pm chat or something. ;D
Apart from that, I think that's all I have to say. I'm not really asking anyone to do much, just leave a reply of whether you still want your character to appear or not, let me know whether you think you'll be reading or not so I can be prepared and thats about all. <3
~Jamie out for now~
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• 8/30/2015

Unnamed Story "Peralta and Friends" Discussion

Please, feel free to discuss any aspect or ask me anything about this hypothetical story concept here in this thread.
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• 8/28/2015

[Aug. 27] The future of the YoutubePlayer

Well, folks...
Me and Pops Capo have been investigating why the YoutubePlayer template has stopped functioning. Thanks to Pops' extensive examination (seriously, this guy knows how integral the player is to us. Thank him with all you got)--emails to Central, talks with other wikis who utilize this player, among other things--we get to know what's going on.
And the future's not looking bright, folks. Central has chosen to disable the other template for it (Template:MPC), along with every single Mediawiki page dedicated to the player. In short, the player will no longer be functioning, as per Wikia's new security measures. They are not allowing the code to work anymore with the new updates they are making.
Believe me, I know how integral this template is to ours. Let's take this moment to recognize Johno1995 for bringing characters and music together in one page.
You may notice some of the music still works for certain pages; that's because right now those pages are cached. They're displaying a saved version, not a current, up-to-date one.
For now, I suggest you guys start looking into the Default Youtube extension we already have in place. This player will be able to stay at least, since it's from Wikia themselves; and they have already asked us to use this one instead. We will also be looking out for a different custom music player to be made.
The conversion process will suck; let's at least make this bearable. Any questions can be asked down below.
Thanks again to Pops Capo for pretty much doing the whole investigation and for keeping me in the loop. You can also use this time to mob him.
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• 8/27/2015

Nathan is at it again. lmao

I thought people might like to see that Nathan seems to be trying to change Walking Dead wiki up a little bit and i'd feel sorry for the admins that do listen to him. xD
(He totally stole that three word game stuff from us btw lmao xD)
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• 8/27/2015

[Forum Game] UFSW Alphabet

New game yay.
Some of us have played the Alphabet Game -- where the first person says something starting with A, then the next person says something starting with B, then the next person, etc.. For example:
User 1: AirplaneUser 2: BookUser 3: CalendarAnd so on and so forth. But in this version, the topic you say has to be related to UFSW in ANY way. User, character, story, issue title, template, etc. Once we hit Z, just go back to A. No repeating topics.
I'll start:
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• 8/23/2015

[Forum game] Corrupt Wish game

Here is another fun game
The key is to make a wish, then the next reply corrupts it. Example as follows:

Post #1: I wish for peace on earth.

Post #2: Earth gets peace, but is invaded by aliens the next day. I wish for...

Then the game keeps going. I shall start:
I wish the YouTubePlayer on this wiki is working.
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• 8/24/2015

[Aug. 21] Youtube Player glitching out on ALL pages

UPDATE 8/22: Pops Capo contacted Wikia right away and got the player working again! If you see your player glitched, refresh it by editing and publishing it without any changes, just like how it was done last time. If you got a multitude of pages to edit, it will fix itself in time.
Well folks, it looks like the YoutubePlayer has finally imploded. According to TheInfected and many other users, Players present on pages are not working at all. Much worse than the last announcement, for sure.
It seems the problem still roots from the security breach; Community Central is still patching things up topside. In terms of our wiki, the CSS and JS pages have once again been locked and/or updated, and we're experiencing a slow response on the updates right now. This also seems to be coinciding with the infobox/mobile updates; I have reason to believe Wikia is changing up so much right now that certain, unconventional codes are not functioning right. Seeing as Wikia will still be lenient about custom codes, this may once again be fixed in due time, just like last time. We just have to wait it out and hope for the best.
If not, we will personally contact Wikia to rectify this problem. Right now, I just want to see if it fixes itself just like last time. If you can't live without character music, you can play with the default Wikia YouTube extension and see if it temporarily remedies your music needs.
edit: grammar stuff (i am tired)
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• 1/3/2016

[Forum Game] UFSW Characters Hurt / Heal

Another game because I'm awesome. And I'm feelin' a li'l murderous. This here game is called UFSW Characters Hurt / Heal where we shove 6 characters per user into a pit where they must survive as they get picked off one at a time. This game MAY TAKE A LOOOOONG TIME.
Naturally, with every game, there's rules.

Each Character starts off with 20 points.
You choose to hurt one character and heal another. Hurting subtracts one point, and healing adds one point. Once a character reaches zero, they are killed and cannot be healed back.
At 100 points, a hurt is worth -2, heals are still +1. At 10 points, a Heal is worth +2, hurts are still -1.
You can not hurt and heal the same character in the same post, you must hurt and heal different characters in each post.
You can't hurt or heal your own characters. That is stupid. Why would you do that?
You can only make one vote per 3 hour period. Simple.
You can rack up to 15 hurts and heals. Once you reach 15, you cannot go beyond. However, you may use some and fill up again.
You don't have to use all your hurts and heals in one post.
Example, you have 6 hurts and heals on hand. You may use 4 hurts and 3 heals (as an example) and save the rest for later.
LAST UPDATED: 9/3/15 by Danny
Christina Huerta
Cole Pruitt
Secret Asian Man
James Benjamin
Logan Kent
Wesley Snipe
Ben Renolds
Nellie Larsen
Jared Darnell
Heather Thornton
Deborah Moretti
Dennis Johnson
Brock Menster
Kristina Essie
Lana Harris
Katherine Lane
Joanne Adams
Erica Jensen
Alex Brennan
Dimple Virani
Yasmin Marie Collins
David Andrews
Leo Wallace
Ben Dover
Petree Wentz
Zelda Johansen
Miranda Henderson
Oliver Ross
Jordana Mason
Duane Bowe
Samantha Lawson
Leigh Vega - 8/19/2015 - Final Blow Dealt By Pops Capo - Died by Meat Tenderizer to the... yeah...
Conner Kilderry - 8/19/2015 - Final Blow Dealt By PBR Sharpshoot - Shanked to death by PBR and Lee.
Curly - 8/20/2015 - Final Blow Dealt by Pops Capo - Face melted off by curling iron
Hannah Fleetwood - 8/20/2015 - Final Blow Dealt By PBR Sharpshoot - Drowned in Danny's tears
Joey Kitka - 8/20/2015 - Final Blow Dealt by KnowledgeProspector - accidentally stepped on landmine cuz he a blind dumb kid
Joshua Shallow - 8/22/2015 - Final Blow Dealt by Jamie141 - Trampled during LA Riots.
Private Suares [8/22/2015] - After being ganged up on, shot in the chest by Pops Capo. He then ordered The Mountain to crush his head into a bloody pulp
Gabrielo Vincetti [8/22/2015] - Publicly demurred by film critics and politicians then assassinated by BulletRefutation one night. Body is tied with concrete blocks and thrown to the pier
Akira Kapoor [8/22/2015] - Final blow by TheInfected - Targeted by Lee Everett from orders by a higher power. He succeeds, catches her and hands her to the zombies for a feeding frenzy
Ken Myers [8/23/2015] - Final blow dealt by Adrien - served bad humus that gave him nasty infection and he died af
Carter Jamenson [8/23/2015] - Final blow dealt by Adrien - some stupid bitch at KFC left him in the deep frier for too long
Niall Danton [8/24/2015] - Final blow dealt by Lee Everett - Shanked with a HelloKitty knife
Darla Snyder [8/24/2015] - Final blow dealt by Danny - blue waffle after slut shaming by Mali
James Spradlin [8/26/2015] - Final blow dealt by Pops Capo - Single shot to the head, as to spare him of PBR's slow, painful methods.
Cesare Donacii [8/26/2015] - Final blow dealt by TheInfected - Jumped by Killerskull2 on the way home
Hector Dupont [8/26/2015] - Final blow dealt by Adrien - eyes snatched out by Beatrix Kiddo
Argyle [8/26/2015] - Final blow dealt by TheInfected - Wasted away waiting for the next AL
Derek Woods - 8/27/2015 - Final Blow Dealt By Lee Everett - He couldn't handle the kush
Gertrude Talibongodrums - 8/27/2015 - Final Blow Dealt By MemeSquad - Fingers shoved down throat by Carlos.
Lara Drake [8/28/15] - She went to the doctor, received bad news that her STD's got super crabs, so she went home and cried. Out of nowhere Nathan Young barged in through the door and clotheslined her, then shot her with his D cannon (PBR Sharpshoot last strike)
Kenberg McCormick [8/29/2015] - Final blow dealt by TheFlyingDutchman - decapped by Nathan
MikeMike [8/29/2015] - Final blow dealt by PBR Sharpshoot - a lava lamp became sentient and melted his dick off, causing him to die of sadness
Nolan Brackenbury and Lyle C Jackson [8/29/2015] - Final blow dealt by Pops Capo - Both shot by Pops, then finished off by his little birds.
Tom Snyder [8/30/2015] - Final blow dealt by Zain - Raylan Givens wrecks him
Dyron Vaas [8/31/2015] - Final blow dealt by Adrien - decaped by Ceril Vass and his head was put on a stick
Adam Dugall [9/1/2015] - Final blow dealt by Hallow - Adam actually doesn't die; instead he grows old in the zombie apocalypse and sees its era of peace, where he gains merits and awards for being a veteran survivor. Outliving his friends, Adam welcomes death with open arms.
Evil Penguin [9/1/2015] - Final blow dealt by KP - Poached, sold to a reservation, then victimized by anti-PETA agents by whacking him with sticks and kicking the shit out of him. His corpse is then stolen and sold to a taxidermist so the anti-PETA agents get a nice 50-dollar bonus to their contract.Evil Penguin's power causes him to become a wrathful spirit, but his masters call on him to target an innocent city boy instead (see below). Upon killing this person, Evil Penguin sets his eyes on the agents, but is stopped--by none other than the restless soul of Jace Malfoy, the boy he had murdered. "Your purpose has been fulfilled; you're nothing but an empty soul now." Evil Penguin attempts to touch the agents, but to no avail; he could only phase through them. Evil Penguin looks on beside Jace in grief.
Michael Ashcrofty [9/1/2015] - Final blow dealt by Purry - He operates on a patient after skipping out on breakfast. He eats a hot pocket without realizing his gloves were still on, but he thinks nothing of it; until one of his nurses come in and tell him his patient was positive for "super herpes". Michael panics, then rushes for a blood sample kit; but he runs into a custodian carrying contaminated needles. Michael dies from an aneurysm
Jace Malfoy [9/1/2015] - Final blow dealt by Lee Everett - his ass was fucking wrecked by the spirit of Evil Penguin, who was resurrected by his army of penguins and is now back to trying to take over the world because fuck you team devious he will never die
Lienne [9/2/2015] - Final blow dealt by KP - "I've got somebody I want you to meet," KP tells her, giving her that final push to finally go out and date. Lienne is still nervous, but she trusts this man; she rigorously prepares, taking 4 hours just to finish up. She notices her friend crying. "What's wrong?""Oh, it's just--I can't believe one of my best friends is dating again--" Lienne shakes her head and heads for the door."I'm so sorry Lienne," KP whispers. He watches her exit the door without looking back. "By the way KP," she says before stepping out--but she sees her close friend pointing a silenced pistol right at her head. "KP--" But before she can utter a word, change her expression, Lienne is shot in the head."I'm so sorry...."
Paloma Avila [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by Lee Everett -
Fausto Orbe [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by Lee Everett -
Daniela Bermudez [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by Fitz
Jack Foster [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by PBR -
Leah Alvarez [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by Hallow -
Zachary Ross [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by KP
Ash Bolio [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by KP
Rory Stiles [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by Zain -
Mason Wylie [9/3/2015] - Final blow dealt by Fitz -
Mike PBR [9/4/2015] - Final blow dealt by Pops - To hurt Mike, James hires sorcerers from the unknown east to curse the NLOs. Lena is hit with the curse and slowly begins to die. Determined to save the love of his life, Mike travels east, finding the ancient holding of the sorcerers, and is told that only death can pay for life, and that if Lena is to be saved, one must die for her. He returns and manages to save Lena through an ancient ritual, but at the cost of his own life. He professes his love for her and they kiss. Soon he dies painlessly and peacefully, with the eyes of his beloved being the last thing he sees.
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• 8/24/2015


So for those that was not on chat, like some others, when I was at the time of writing this, I am doing some character auditions for my upcoming story! (Which I won't be actually creating any pages on the wiki for until I have written at least one issue, probably six.)
So its pretty basic as always, I have a story idea but unfortuantly I dont have much ideas in terms of characters, so I thought it would be nice to bring back the old Character Auditions like we used to do (and make my job a lot easier. I mean *cough* to bring the communty together. xD) <3
So yeah, lets get on to the rules and what I'm asking for people to do then shall we? (Little warning that I may come across as picky for what I ask which i'm sowwy. I will be the one writing them tho. <3 xD)

So the rules/whatever/stuff..
- The story is set like half a year after the infection has been spreading. The world is still in a good state with cities up and running, goverments in control and the military still doing their job. However the infection has been quickly spreading through out the town's and cities and whenever a city/town has, even the smallest of, a infected siting. It is "Dead Marked" and the military go in and destroy it completely, killing everyone in the place. This has so far happened to about half of the cities and towns but the populations of other places are not truely aware of what has happened and believed that them places were completely ovverun and the military done a good job.
For the characters that I am asking to be put into the story, they will be appearing about half way through the first part (so it gives you a good 6 weeks at least to create a character) and they will be survivors of these "dead marked" places. The default is that they will be appearing as a group who have formed together from the destruction of their homes and they are on the run from the military. HOWEVER if anyone wants their character to appear separatly then please just let me know and it will be so. <3
But yeah, for the most part I don't really want anyone to write anything for their characters in terms of "Post-Apocalypse" I would just like "Pre-Apocalypse" please. <3 The only things that would be need to be mentioned is if they like lost a family member in the destruction or anything like that. Just any small bits that are notable.
- Next one is that ONLY IF YOU WANT TO, you can create 2 characters. However for part one I would only like people to create 2 characters each if they really want to, otherwise I could get overloaded with characters and I want everyone to have their chance. <3 So please make 1 if you like and if you want to do 2? sure! But dont be greedy and take up any more spots. xD
- Another one is, IF you see like 2 female characters already created for example and no males, please try and create a male one because I don't really want to be swarmed by the same gender. <3 Although if you do either have a really good idea for that gender or you cant think of a character for the other, then please do what you like.
- One more final note that I can think of right now. PLEASE, PLEASE choose an actor/actress which has some decent pictures for me to use. Otherwise you will cause me much pain and suffering trying to sort images out. xDD

Ok, so now comes the "creating the character template" as such.
Below will be what i'd like you to use when you are creating your character (so basically just the same old fill the gaps. xD) and i'll give each one a description to give you an idea of what i'm looking for.
Name : The most obvious part of the audition...their name. xDDD
Actor/Actress : An actor or an actress that you would choose to "portray" your character or basically someone you would want to play your character if my story was a film/tv series. Also try to make this person someone decently know so it would be easy for me to find pictures of them to use. Otherwise I will have to ask you to choose someone else.
Age : What they're age is. Also try not to make the age stray far from the actor/actress's age.
Origin : Because my story will be set in its own "Universe". I'm basically asking you to either make up a town/city name of your own or just say that you want to leave it to me.
Ethnicty : You know, what they are whether they are hispanic, caucasian, british. That kinda thing.
Occupation : What they were before the apocalypse. Can include multiple jobs.
Relations : Anyone important to your character. Whether it be a father, mother, husband. etc Also please give a little description on how they're relationship with this person was. Like did they love them? hate them? that kinda thing.
Nickname(s) : If the character has a nickname or multiple nicknames then please mention.
Affiliation : If they have any alliance or loyalty to someone, again mention.
Personality : A small little paragraph of describing how they act to give me a general description of how they are will suit just fine. Don't force yourself to go into huge detail though, keep it nice and simple for me to understand how they are so I could write them.
Background : I'm not looking for a huge amount of detail. Only let me know of major points of interest in a character's life. Like for example if they're mother died just child birth or if they got arrested for something. Obviously of coarse mention important interactions with family as well. Basically anything which either shapes the character into what they are today or is important enough to be mentionned in the story.
Any Other Information : Here you just add whatever other information that you can think of. Like Sab below added that his character had to wear glasses. Just any extra details that you wish for me to add then mention. :D
And then finally just a mention that I am not looking for any post apocalypse details. Just pre-apocalypse please as my "Outbreak" isn't like normal zombie apocalypse stories and I haven't given any details to it yet.
As a little extra help/showing of what I would like. You can always check the page of a successful audition here.

Alright so thats about it for now. If I think of anything else I'll add it and then of coarse i'll whoever may have submitted a character in at that point of the update. Other than that I hope this wasn't too long for you and I hope to see some characters? :D
~Jamie Out~
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This post is locked.
• 8/18/2015

[Forum Game] UFSW Characters Hurt / Heal (Sign Up)

Another game because I'm awesome. And I'm feelin' a li'l murderous. This here game is called UFSW Characters Hurt / Heal where we shove 4 characters per user into a pit where they must survive as they get picked off one at a time. This game MAY TAKE A LOOOOONG TIME.
Naturally, with every game, there's rules.

In this forum post, you must pick six characters of your own from any story.
NOTE: I'm unsure if we should count characters you created for someone else's story... We'll make a final decision based on your guys' choice.
For stories with multiple authors, I wouldn't go with that... I mean it's up to you, who am I to stop, but ye...
Each Character starts off with 20 points.
Stories you are using must have at least one partially written issue (even if it's like 2 words), not necessarily published. *looks at Mercy* Not necessarily published... The character doesn't have to have debuted yet (in that particular issue), but the story must have one partially written issue.
Scrapped stories are still allowed regardless of issue count.
You choose to hurt one character and heal another. Hurting subtracts one point, and healing adds one point. Once a character reaches zero, they are killed and cannot be healed back.
You can not hurt and heal the same character, you must hurt and heal two characters in each post.
You can't hurt or heal your own characters. That is stupid. Why would you do that?
You can only make one vote per 6 hour period. Simple.
These signups will close August 18th (Tuesday), so signup quick! If the 60 character goal isn't reached by then, signups will be extended by another few days.
My characters: Lena, James Spradlin and Mike PBR (hailing from UP), and Christina Huerta, Gandhi Zain and Akira Kapoor (hailing from TUFF).
Edit 1: Adjustments to two rules and the mention of extension of deadline.
Edit 2: Adjustments to rules. The limit has been raised from 4 to 6.
Edit 3: Extension of deadline.
Edit 4: Adjustment to a rule.
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• 8/12/2015

Youtube player not displaying correctly on certain pages [8/10/15]

Edit: As of 8/11, it looks like things are back to normal. For pages affected by this, simply just refresh or edit and publish the page without any actual changes--the aim is to pretty much just refresh it. If any of you find anything weird let me/one of the admins know.
As some of you may have noticed, the YoutubePlayer template is not displaying correctly for some pages. Me and TheInfected have reason to believe that this roots from a security breach on a couple of Wikia's. Community Central advises everyone to update their passwords just in case. They also disabled custom Wikia CSS for a while, but they've turned it back on recently. We believe that is what shook up a few Mediawiki-related things in this wiki and everyone else's.
Me and Danny checked a few other wiki's utilizing the player and found similar results. We don't have a concrete fix for it but we hope it fixes its own as CC tries to patch things up topside.
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• 8/8/2015

[Forum Game] Word Association

This is attempt two and let's hope it stays that way umm... I think I'm doing this right....
Anyways, this is word association. If y'all don't know it starts with a word, then someone would say a word that is linked to it and word c is linked to word b and word d is linked to word c and ye. Example:

Person 1: Apple
Person 2: Fruit
Person 3: Froot
Person 4: Marina & The Diamonds (( ))
Person 1: Singer
Person 2: Iggy Azalea
Person 3: Annoying
Person 4: Me

Ye.... If that makes sense...?

Y'all can do a person 1 person 2 person 1 thing if it's quiet, but like don't be like person 1 person 1 person 1 like what
I honestly don't care of u go nsfw
No csa/pedophilia content because that shit's gross lol c:
I honestly don't care if y'all write an essay, just make sure it links to the previous word.
It seems obvious but don't drift away??? I don't understand how you can like go from say Chocolate to Eiffel Tower???
There isn't a "new game" thing it's endless...
Aight here we go~
First word:
Marina & The Diamonds Death
((It's p hard coming up with a word ngl))
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• 8/8/2015

Sense8 has been renewed!

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